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Learn more about what we do at UR Career Services, find tips and information and keep up to date on all things career related. There are cool things going on in our office and around campus all the time and we are really nice, I promise. 

My philosophy on Career Development 

 I feel strongly about career advising from a design-thinking perspective. I look at career services as holistic and on-going, understanding that a stable and meaningful job is only part of the process. I believe that working with students on understanding career resiliency, transferable skills development and creating a mindset where triumph, discovery, exploration and failure are just additional positive resources in seeking meaningful work is important and necessary as we prepare students to enter the working world. I want to inspire students to strive for opportunities that reflect their skills, interests, talents and overall their values, while helping them remain curious and open-minded as they navigate their relationship to work and impact on the world.   

A current obsession of mine and a great read! Want to know more? 

Congrats to the University of Richmond Career Services team for coming up #8 in the country in Princeton Review!

Learn all the things! I am a big fan of hand-lettering and Skillshare has a ton of info on how to do it. They also have a lots of other tutorials for creative and interesting projects! 

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